The BEST Quality and Prices in the Nation!

Our Story!

Nestled in the beautiful foothills of the northern New York Catskill Mountains, in 2017 the lives of my family and I were changed forever when I became a Paparazzi consultant. That was the beginning of an absolutely wonderful journey for my loved ones and I.Β 

I will never forget my first ever $99 jewelry display box. Out of it I began selling first to friends, then live shows and, of course. I finally moved on to in person events and trade shows.Β 

After some time, I decided I needed display boxes to travel to shows that were easy to fill and quickly setup. Before long I noticed I wasn't the only one who needed them.Β 

That is when my super supportive and loving family and I joined together and decided that we were going to create the best handcrafted display units in the nation.Β 

Along with 40 years of combined skilled woodworking and customer service, we slowly, but surely, developed our product by only sourcing the sturdiest and most pristine materials available. As a result, our displays are manufactured to the highest excellence possible, made with extreme care and attention to detail.Β 

All our travel displays are hand crafted here in America in our factory by our craftsmen. Our family name is proudly affixed to every item we produce. Each is held to the highest quality control standards. We guaranty each item we sell will last a lifetime with a minimum of normal care. They are attractive units that will catch the eye of prospective customers and create an interest in your wares helping your pop-up business to really POP!Β 

Just as important, you know your hard won earnings won't be squandered on a poorly constructed display unit.Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β 

To date, we have assisted thousands of happy and successful Paparazzi and non Paparazzi vendors just like yourself across the country.Β 

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with my family and I. We look forward to serving you the finest built displays in the nation!